Questions to first ask yourself to see if you are you ready for that new puppy

Are you ready to:

1.  Take full responsibility for this dog and all its requirements for the next 12+   years.....this is not something that you can leave with  your children.

2.  Take the time and  patience to train your dog to be a good canine companion.  He or she will not learn this all on it's own.

3.  Not allow the dog run loose, ride in the back of a open pick-up truck or be tied up as a form of confinement.....but to keep the dog safe at all times.

4.  Make the time to provide enough attention and exercise for the dog through out it's lifetime, even puppies will require this each day.

5.  Live with the constant shedding, dirty paws, digging, drooling, retrieving (of everything) for the next 12+ years.  Goldens in general are very active dogs.

6.  Spend the money required to provide the proper dietary needs and veterinary care, which would include not only routine vaccinations, but also flea treatment, annual check up, teeth cleaning and spaying or neutering.

7.  Become educated on the proper care, grooming and training of the breed.

8.  Keep in touch with the breeder, and to up date them on all accomplishments and problems you may encounter.  Contact your breeder  or other professionals on problems before they are out of hand.

9.  Have the patience to enjoy, accept and endure the trials of  "Golden" puppy hood.  Remember a Goldens puppy hood can last for three years or more. :)

10.  Accept responsibility throughout this dogs life despite life changes such as new babies, kids leaving for school, moving or returning to work.

11.  Take the time to find the right puppy from a responsible breeder (though it may take more time) rather than buy on impulse.

12.  Lastly,does everyone in the family want a new dog?




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