What is a Golden


A Golden Retriever is a house dog. He lives in the house, and will probably sleep in your bed. He likes the view better from the couch, and finds it amusing to parade your underwear in front of the company. If you are on the couch, he will probably get up there too, so he can be closer to you.

A Golden Retriever is a sporting dog. He hunts mole crickets in your garage, and tracks lizards as they run on top of your fence. He practices indoor water retrieves by pouncing on his tennis ball - in his water bowl! And he knows that squirrels would make dandy squeaky toys, if he could only catch one...

A Golden Retriever is a glamour-puss. He loves a bath and a brushing. He adored being the center of attention, whether at a family gathering, or in the show ring eating up the applause. He KNOWS when he's looking good!!!

A Golden Retriever is a chow-hound. He will GLADLY scarf up Thanksgiving dinner if left within his reach. He can hear a refrigerator door open from five miles away - with cotton stuffed in his ears. He has an international palate; Chinese, Italian, German - watch your kitchen table, folks - he'll eat it all!

A Golden Retriever is your best friend, your confidante, an actual person in a dog-suit! He does not judge you when you're having a bad day, or point and laugh when you've done something dumb. He'll tell you with a soulful look how perfect you are in his eyes, even though you're a klutz.

A Golden Retriever needs a person or a family who will love him, heart and soul. They are VERY sensitive, and know when they're not wanted. A Golden could not survive outside, and needs to live in an air-conditioned house. They're hairy beasts who need bathing and grooming. They need to be trained at a young age, to learn basic obedience and manners.

Not everyone is cut out to own a Golden. It takes a very special person to be able to give and receive that much love! There is a common saying among the how people that goes, "Lord, help me to be the kind of person by Golden Retriever thinks I am!"



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