Poisonous Plants


Angel Trumpet (all of the plant)



Iris (all)





Azalea (all)



Jerusalem Cherry (leaf, unripe fruit)





Bittersweet (leaves and fruit)



Lily of the Valley (all)





Buckthorn (all)



Mistletoe (all)





Caladium (all)



Mushrooms (all of certain types)





Castor Bean (all)



Narcissus (all)





Chinese Lantern (all)



Nightshade (all)





Chrysanthemum (all)



Oleander (all)





Creeping Charlie (all)



Peony (all)





Daffodil (bulb)



Philodendron (all)





Delphinium (all)



Potato (sprouts, vines, unripe tubers)





English Ivy (all)



Rhododendron (all)





Foxglove (leaf and seeds)



Rhubarb (roots and leaves)





Geranium (all)



Sago Palm (all, especially seeds)





Gladiola (bulb)



Trumpet Lily (all)





Holly (all)



Vinca Vine (all)





Horse Chestnut (flower, sprout and seeds)



Wandering Jew (leaf)





Hyacinth (bulb)








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