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Izzy came to us from Barbara Wohlferd at Kattwalk goldens.  Izzy is a sweet natured girl who is put together well.  She is a feminine girl with a very nice front and rear. She has exceptional movement and is a joy to watch as she moves. She has a correct bite and dark pigment year round.  She is a nice blend of her mother and father. Izzy is now living the life of riley as queen of her home and ruling couch potato!

 Hip Clearance     OFA  GR-95231F25-PI

 Elbow Clearance     OFA  GR-EL17362F24-PI

 Heart Clearance          OFA GR-CA1396724FC-VPI-ECHO

 Eye CERF         CERF GR33917


Izzy's pedigree:


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