Eclipse Golden Retrievers

Pet/Companion Dog Purchase Agreement


The following sale agreement is entered into between:


Seller: Alicia Maxey

Address: 1497 CR 2350E, Saint Joseph, Illinois. 61873

Telephone: 217.649.2048






Effective the _________ day of _________________. Seller hereby releases to the Buyer a Golden Retriever puppy.


This puppy is Male/Female, whelped_________________.


The AKC litter registration number:_________________.




The consideration for this sale shall be the sum of    $_________  plus the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

The Seller Agrees:


The puppy is in good health at the time of sale. The buyer will have 7 days in which to have the puppy examined by his/her own licensed veterinarian. If   your veterinarian determines the puppy to be ill, or for any reason this puppy is unacceptable, Buyer may return the puppy for a full refund minus the deposit, provided it is in the same condition as at the time purchase. If the puppy is returned due to illness, a letter from your veterinarian is required. This includes death or illness from any health condition deemed present prior to removal from Seller’s premises. Buyer shall assume any expenses associated with returning this puppy to the Seller along with any veterinary costs after departure from the Breeder.


The puppy is guaranteed to be a functional, healthy companion dog. Every reasonable precaution has been taken to prevent this puppy from acquiring hereditary hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye disease, and Sub-Aortic Stenosis (SAS). 

Due to the unknown hereditary and environmental causes of such defects, no guarantee will be given against them.




The Buyer Agrees:


This puppy will be given adequate and proper shelter, and housed securely. This dog shall not be neglected, allowed to roam free, left outside unattended, or mistreated in any manner.


This puppy shall not be restrained routinely by chaining to a stationary object. (ie: tree, post etc.)


This puppy will primarily reside in the buyer’s house.


The puppy shall receive proper veterinary care throughout its lifetime, receiving appropriate vaccinations and placed on Heartworm preventative.


The puppy shall receive proper nutrition and care shall be taken to maintain its proper weight.


This puppy is being sold on a Limited Registration for the purpose of being a companion animal and, therefore, the Buyer agrees that it will not be bred.


The puppy will be neutered or spayed between twelve (12) and (14) months of age (unless the Seller of the dog deems the dog is breeding quality).


The buyer will furnish to Seller a statement from Buyer’s veterinarian stating he/she has had the puppy spayed/neutered. The Buyer shall incur all expenses.


The Buyer will notify the Seller first if for any reason the Buyer no longer wants or is able to care for the puppy.


The Seller shall have first right of refusal and will purchase the puppy back at a price no less favorable than which is offered to anyone else and not to exceed the purchase price. This is in effect for the lifetime of the dog. Buyer shall assume any expenses associated with returning this puppy to the Seller. If the Buyer does not wish to have the puppy /dog returned, the Seller will assist the Buyer in placing the puppy/dog if the buyer so chooses. If the Buyer places the puppy/dog (with the Sellers permission and proof of spay/neuter alteration prior to placement) they will be entitled to retain any profits from the sale and no additional money will be owed them by the Seller.


If the Buyer sells this puppy/dog without consulting the Seller and without spaying/neutering said dog prior to placement, the Buyer will be required to pay the Seller $3000.00.


The Buyer will notify the Seller of any changes of address and will maintain contact with Seller throughout the lifetime of this dog.


The Buyer agrees to the prefix Eclipse at the beginning of the dog’s registered name and agrees to use the theme _________________________ in the dog’s registered name.


The Buyer agrees to notify Seller of any titles completed as determined by the AKC UKC etc...


This dog shall not be used for purposes of vivisection and not be sold by or to a wholesale establishment, chain store, pet store or puppy mill or foreign country.


The Buyer is responsible for any costs involved in transporting of puppy/dog including costs involved if the puppy/dog is returned for ANY reason.


The Buyer has read and understands the foregoing and agrees that all parts and portions thereof constitute a binding agreement. The co-breeder of this litter is in no way responsible for the commitment set for herein. If binding agreement is broken for any reason by the Buyer, all associated legal fees are the responsibility of the Buyer.



Seller's Signature________________________________________


Buyer's Signature________________________________________


Signed____________day  of____________year_______






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